Villisca Axe Murder House 9/22/2018

The House


 Mr. and Mrs. Moore, their 4 children, and 2 other children were killed by blows from the blunt end of an axe June 10th 1912.

The team prepares for a day visit


Leslie, Rachel, Q , Cassandra and Michael wait on the porch of the adjacent barn for a tour group to leave. Picture by Michael.

The Team starts in the kitchen


On a previous investigation the irons sitting on the stove to the left launched into the air at Michael.

Checking the living room


Investigator Leslie takes readings in the living room where an apparition was previously seen.

Q and Rachel in the children's room


EVP's of the Moore and Stillinger children are frequently captured here. The closet door sometimes opens when  you ask the children.

Cassandra leads into the basement


Despite repairs the cellar is much as it looked in 1912. Some theorize the murderer waited here or in the Attic for the family to fall asleep