Requesting an investigation

Consultation on unexplained happenings in your home or place of work. If you want an investigation done on your home or business, contact us and we will arrange for a time to meet during the week. 

If an investigation seems warranted we can arrange for a date and time for the full team to come out. As we have regular day jobs like everyone, usually this would be done on a weekend, for 5-10 hours.

We are based in Omaha, NE. but do visit the surrounding communities.



Note: G.P.S.I  does not employ/use state-licensed private investigators, and is not in any way affiliated with the secretary of state's officially-licensed and bonded professional investigators. 

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Tell us how we can help you or any paranormal questions you have.

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You will not be judged by what you tell us and every inquiry is strictly confidential. 

Tell us your situation or send us your question via the email form and we will respond .

"Truth is stranger than Fiction."

A member of the UNO Paranormal Society association of Ghost Hunting groups

Great Plains Supernatural Investigations