The 2017 UNO Paranormal Summit

2017 UNO Paranormal Summit Agenda.

UNO Paranormal Summit

The University of Nebraska at Omaha has a student organization, the Uno Paranormal Society. It is a collection of interested students and Paranormal Investigators from the region. 

Every year they hold a Paranormal Summit to share information and gain Public Awareness.

Although G.P.S.I is a newly formed group in 2017, most of the members have been active with the Society since 2010.

As members we were asked to give a presentation on an investigation we had conducted in the last year. 

We chose to feature the investigation of the Victorian House in the (undisclosed location outside of Omaha.)

After the presentation, a Ghost Hunt is conducted on the Campus

There is a suprising amount of activity on the Campus.

An unsolved murder occurred on the campus in 1957. Student  Carolyn Nevins was shot and left to die, perishing outside of the Arts and Sciences Building. The murder is unsolved to this day.

Many investigators have captured residual evidence of Caroline in the form of voices captured either via tape or digital recorders

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