Victorian house outside of Omaha Dec. 2016


The Situation:

G.P.S.I communicated with a home owner who was experiencing some low level phenomenon in her house and wanted us to come document it.

She had been living alone with her two dogs in the house since July and had noticed objects being moved, sounds in other empty parts of the house, and her dogs would not go into the guest bedroom. 

The Investigation

Four available investigators went to the home one evening and spent until after 2:00 am the following morning gathering evidence


While at the home the Team captured multiple EVP's (Electronic voice phenomenon) on digital recorders of  of people other than the homeowner or team members speaking


Undisclosed Location Videos

When Investigator Cassandra says "HI" to georgie the dog, something else says HI too.

Video 2

Dogs won't enter the guest room

Video 3

During the reveal, something switched off our recorder, saying "BYE" first.

Video 4

Electrostatic detectors react to unseen visitors

Video 4

An entity chases the investigator out of the basement, and curses at him at the top of the stairs