The Squirrel Cage Jail Nov. 2016


G.P.S.I does an overnight investigation

The whole Team went along for an investigation of the famously haunted Squirrel Cage Jail in Council Bluffs, IA. 

Individual investigators of the team had tremendous success when visiting with the UNO group.  

We would see what more we could find.

The jail was reportedly built on the site of a previous Episcopalian Mortuary, per Haunted 

It gets its name from the unique circular cage in the middle of the jail. The three story cell complex rotated on a turntable turned by a crank.  With only one cell door per floor that the tower could rotate to, it was thought fewer gaurds could control the inmates.

Functioning as a container for human misery from 1881 until 1969, its metal floors and walls seem to be a battery for captured energy.

As with any prison, multiple deaths occurred within the walls. Unlike other prisons, in the days before a public system for child welfare, children of the inmates were housed in cells on the 2nd floor as well as juvenile offenders.

The Investigation

Captured only on Audio, investigators Leslie and Michael were amazed to watch as a coil of video cable needing deployment conveniently rolled off the 2nd floor table, across the floor and dropped down the stairwell to ground floor. Other investigators waiting to catch and attach it thought a team member had done it.  

Through multiple repeat investigations, it seems whatever resides there has learned as much or more about us than we about them.

Investigator Tim learned that a mysterious shadow appeared in several of his pictures.  

There was nothing obscuring his camera flash.

While taking EVP's Cassandra sees shadows flitting back and forth out in the corridor.